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Red Square Bullet WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Red Square Bullet 

Totally stealing this idea from Mercivorex Heart Bullet (DL's Purple) - F2U! 

Alright, alright, alright! There were dozens of fabulous bids, and I loved reading through all of them. Unfortunately, I could only pick a few to breath life and bacon into! Admittedly, I had a reallyyyyy hard time choosing my favorites, and I'm gonna end up spending a little more bacon than I originally intended; but it's worth it to see these characters become a reality! So, here are our winners!

Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! Wild-Fawnz - a princess slot for her amazingggg Princess Adalyn!
Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! PrimalInstincts - a locked character slot for her Glenmorian royal, Lady Almarea!
Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! RedlightWolf - a quirin mane for her Windy girl! (Windies are my weakness!)
Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! DarkGothicHiokami - a rare design for her pearly Oakfern herbalist!
Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! halloweendonkey - squiffy magic to bless (or curse?) on her new fawn!
Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! strange-crusader - A locked slot and a basic boost for her greenthumb (greenhoof?) royal!
Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! Temptest13 - a locked slot for her royal girl!
Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! NightingaleFawn - an uncommon design for her uncommonly awesome BW doe!

Thank you to everybody who entered! I had a blast hosting this! As for the winners: I'm sending in the bacon note right now, so you ought to be receiving notes letting you know when your gifts will be available to use very soon! :la:

Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! What's going on here? Arrow Bullet Left (Green) - F2U! 

Do you have an idea for a fabuloussss fawnling, but lack the ability to make it a reality? Well, I'd love to help you (or multiple you's) out and be your muley-godmother! You see, after years of being an admin for the group, I seem to have amassed quite the cache of delicious, crispy bacons. I don't have any desire to use it on myself, so I wanted to give back to a great community: you guys!

I have enough bacon for FOUR ULTRA RARE REWARDS. So that breaks down to...

4 x Ultra Rares
5 x Rares
8 x Uncommons
16 x Basics!

So lots of combinations, clearly. This basically means you can create anything, with exception to Divine Blessing/Curses (those would take too long to process and approve). Have an idea for a piebald princess? Go for it. Want a pearly chimeric Silverthorne? You got it. How about a Blackwood doe with enthralling magic? Rockin'. Or, if your dreams are a little simpler, that's cool too! Maybe you just want a basic little Windborne. Or just an extra character slot, or a couple stat boosts, or a buy-in to a locked position for your Xmas design, or squiffy magic... Whatever floats your boat.

This is open to everybody in the group! Whether you've been member since day one or are looking to get your first fawnling!

This event will end January 31st, 2016. I will then choose one/many winners depending on how fancy/simple these dreams are! :D

Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! How to enter! Arrow Bullet Left (Green) - F2U! 

Okay, to enter, just create a profile using the standard fawnlings reference:

Basic Information

Name: (and nickname, if they have one)
Year of Birth: ____ of the New Age (may also be written as Y759 NA)
Height: (if fawn or under the age of 10, please format as “Predicted height”)
Build: (Light, Medium etc)
Eye Colour: 
Design Sheet: (link to approved design sheet)
Sire: (if fawn - link to profile)
Dam: (if fawn - link to profile)
Bloodline: (what herd they're descended from - if crossbred, include bloodline %s)
Magic Type: (see Magic Journal)
Skill Points
[paste the Calculator Stat Block here, including breakdown!  See Skill Points Journalfor more detail]
Herd Information
Herd Position: (if applying for a special position, please format as “Position [PENDING]” and complete Special Rank application)
Personality: (include strengths, weaknesses, relationships, etc)
Appearance: (include trinkets, scars etc. Here you may hint whether you imagine the character with light or dark coat, favoured or disliked by its looks within the herd etc)
History: (include where the fawnling was born, travels so far, and aspirations for future, etc. if the Fawnling is born of a different bloodline to their current herd, please provide reasoning)
Please also include any future plans/ideas you may have for your character! When you've done that, just link the here in the comments! :la:

Quick Note: If you don't want a character, and instead want an extra character slot, an uncommon attribute to apply to an existing character, or anything that's not a character basically, just make a and ask for that instead of doing a profile. :XD:

Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! Applying for a Piebald? Arrow Bullet Left (Green) - F2U! 

If you're planning on requesting a piebald, I've gone ahead and pre-rolled three sets of defects for you to choose from:

Set # 1

gray heart bullet Vascular disease
Vascular disease refers to diseases of the heart and surrounding arteries. Fawnlings with vascular disease will have a greater tendency to suffer from heart attacks and will be generally much weaker than their fellows

gray heart bullet Bowed tendons
Characterized by inflamed lower legs where the tendon appears to “bow” outwards. This can be so severe as to cause permanent soreness, making it hard for a fawnling to walk, or just occasional discomfort after extensive exercise.

gray heart bullet Blindness
Complete blindness from birth. Blind fawnlings will not be able to see anything beyond a very basic distinction between dark and light i.e. they can tell when it is day and when it is night, but no more than this.

gray heart bullet Overbite / jaw misalignment
An overbite is caused by the lower jaw being shorter than the upper jaw, making the upper teeth severely protrude. In severe cases, this can cause problems with chewing or speaking.

Wow, this is one unfortunate piebaby right hurr. ._.

Set # 2

gray heart bullet Overgrown / additional teeth
Overgrown teeth will often protrude below the lower lip or above the upper lip, and additional teeth can appear either as incisors or molars. Fawnlings with overgrown buckteeth are adorable - but sadly for them having extra teeth or teeth that are too long often makes it difficult to eat and can cause pronunciation issues such as lisps.

gray heart bullet Colour blindness
Colour blind fawnlings cannot distinguish between colours, and will generally see the world in shades of brown or grey. This is more common among stags, but does are also affected.


Set # 3

gray heart bullet Epilepsy
Epilepsy is a brain disorder that can be split into two types. One causes violent shaking and spasms of the muscles in what’s normally thought of as a seizure, and one causes a much more subdued version of a seizure where a fawnling may stare at one spot without reacting to any outside stimulation. Seizures can last between a few seconds and a couple of minutes, and often leave the affected fawnling disoriented afterwards and on rare occasions can be fatal.

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