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What's all this about? Read this first:
We're Talking Kings and SuccessionsBE PREPARED
Okay Glenmorians, it’s time to PLOT! But if you haven’t already, please read these journals!!

Please read them! Honestly, they’ll answer a lot of questions and solve a lot of confusion! Not to mention if you read on now, there’ll be mega spoilers!!
Okay, read them? Promise?
Here goes!
Plot Part One: Making Dru some Enemies
As we all know, Dru has far too many friends, and not nearly enough foes. And as you all know his secret now, he should be in line for quite a few new enemies! Part of the first stage of plotting is to figure out how we get Dru dethroned so he can bugger off with his tainted spawn and leave Glenmore to their traditional ways.
Here’s some reasons to hate Dru BEFORE your character knows the secret:
He’s pale
He’s small
He doesn’t look like a King
He was crowned too young (12-years-old - his current age is more suitable but sti

By now you've heard... Prince Donnaghán is back! Up until now, his whereabouts have been the subject of rumors and fantasies, but the prodigal son has returned just in time to see the False King Drustan fall. (Convenient, yea?)

Why Support Donn?

Well, Donnaghán is the only son of the late King Ragnar. As such, he is everything Drustan is not: he's tall, muscular, magically gifted, and has the best claim the the crown, exile aside. His youth was spent learning the ins-and-outs of court life, with a fair bit of sowing his wild oats on the side; the shear number of Donn-bastards out there prove he did not inherit his father's... problem.

He was trained from birth to wear the crown, and would be an excellent choice for a kingdom trying to get back to its more traditional roots.

Didn't he get... exiled?

Nevermind about that. With the recent revelation, one can argue that Bróccán deserved his execution. In addition, the charges he had levied against Lonán proved to be well-founded. Would a fawnling fault their prince for meting out such justice? I thought not!

How can I get involved?

Note me or comment here! Donnaghán is going to need people on his side, and there's a bounty of roleplaying opportunities here, both set in the present turmoil and in the past! The prince must have allies if he is to reclaim his birthright.
Silver Square Bullet Perhaps your fawnling has met with him in secret during his exile, and has kept him in the know while he was gone.
Silver Square Bullet Or maybe your fawnling is tired of skinny little boykings and is remembers the 'good old days' under Ragnar's reign.
Silver Square Bullet Is your fawnling a commoner? Perhaps they know their place and want to return to the way things should be: royalty leading the way. One cannot argue that Drustan's commoner-royalty equality has been... messy for the herd.
Or any other number of scenarios!


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