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So right. Bannon is a big sexy hunk of stagmeat and you want yourself a hearty helping. That's cool. He's got the right color (nevermind that pesky sooty gene!), he's a respectable soldier, he's got curly hair, and he has a chance - albeit small - to throw Born Adept babies! There are a few rules of engagement to be in his harem, though, so please keep these in mind before requesting a spot:

Da Rules

orange heart bullet A maximum of five does per rut!
yellow heart bullet Bannon will not take any dark colored does into his harem. It's a public image thing. However... you can read more below on this particular topic.
orange heart bullet No does who have crossbred children, are crossbred themselves, or have been known to have left Silverthorne at any point!
yellow heart bullet Does must be 10+ in age. Bannon isn't much of a cradle robber.
orange heart bullet No soldier does, including recruits and scouts. Ladies should be good STs and be all demure and pretty, though Firebringers are fine.
yellow heart bullet Bannon is not looking for a permanent mate or love interest. He's just not into long-term relationships.
orange heart bullet Piebald or squiffy babies will be disowned and disavowed.

You said something about dark does?

Okay, I admit it. Bannon is a hypocrite. He has a soft spot for dark-colored does. Who knows why he digs 'em, but it's an embarrassing and closely kept secret of his. For this reason, Bannon would never publicly take a dark doe into his harem. However, he wouldn't be above secret dalliances away from the public eye. (Assuming the rendezvous with said doe didn't put him over his 5-doe limit!)
Here's some stuff you should know before you get involved, though:
yellow heart bullet He's pretty much going to use 'em and lose 'em. Meaning he's not going to be around for the pregnancy/after/etc.
orange heart bullet Bannon would never openly claim the offspring as his own. If outright asked, he would deny it.
yellow heart bullet He would ask the doe to keep it a secret. Yeah, he's kinda a jerk for doing it, but such rumors might hurt his career.
orange heart bullet All the above rules regarding purity, profession, age, etc still apply!

Bannon's got some sexy genes! I want them!

Yeah, so Bannon can throw some stripeybutt babies pretty easily. However, I do not want folks approaching me just to get rare design babies. For this reason, I am limiting Bannon to one stripey baby per rut. First come, first served. Please ask yourself before you request a spot: would you love and RP the baby just as much if it were a plain bay or chestnut? Or is your affection for the character purely because he's got stripes?

Breeding proof?

I'll be doing a traditional harem picture as breeding proof, but feel free to either mention Bannon in a doe's story or draw additional images!

Why all the rules?

Honestly, I want people to want Bannon-babies for RP reasons, and not just breed to him to get a shiny new fawn that they'll never touch. I feel that placing so many stipulations on him may weed out folks who wont ever roleplay or plot with the baby. Too, Bannon is a character that has his own tastes and sensibilities; thus the rules about being adult aged, ideal ST does, etc. It'd be going against who he is as a character if I were to make exceptions! Sorry!

Harem for 762

1. Spirita (Stripes!)
2. Cassia

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